Why seek a mentor?

Discover what you will do with your one precious life.

You are successful, but you also sense that there is something more for you, something deeper, more meaningful for your life.

Is it possible for you to feel truly on path?  To live up to your true potential? To do what you are supposed to be doing? To know that your success is an indication of your alignment with your purpose and service and not a purchase order on your time?

Is is possible to feel in ease and flow, to work with joy instead of feeling overworked, overextended, and even unfullfilled?

You are being called to change, but you don’t know what, and you don’t know how.  You just know that more effort and more drive isn’t what you need to find it.  You need a shift

And you know that it can’t be all up to you.

It isn’t.

Over the past 20 + years, I have mentored individuals, organizations, entrepreneurs and non-profits to facilitate transformation through deepening connection with self, nature, and spirit.

Via private intensives, retreats and mastermind groups, I bring my clients into full Alignment, Activation and Amplification of their gifts so they can claim the life they were meant to live.

“I finally know who I truly am”

“It’s now SO clear what I’m here to do”

“I’ve never felt so on path and on fire in my life and business”

“I finally feel GREAT about the money I’m making because I know it is a direct reflection of the value and service I am creating in the world”

“That inner voice telling me “there is something MORE I’m supposed to be doing” has finally subsided because I am actually living my dreams.”

These are the results my clients experience.

Let’s get you there.

Before you leap

Get help finding clarity

1-day intensive

Plan A

Because it’s your one precious life.

3 – month program

Alpha and Omega

Clarity, vision, and implementation.

A six-month journey