I’m so grateful to welcome you here.

You’ve found your way to the basket I weave to hold my diverse work in the world.

I work to help women bloom into their fully realized selves, life transformation through practices that foster deep connection – with themselves, with nature, and with spirit.  I have spent the better part of the last decade pursuing tools, processes and personal routines that facilitate deepening connection and personal transformation.

new paradigm business + wellness + personal alchemy + intuitive arts

From my own personal work, research, immersion, and applying these tools to my own life and those of my clients have evolved four channels through which I work with others, according to their particular path and needs:

Bringing real magic to your life and business

New Paradigm feminine leadership

Personal Transformation and everything Shift

It is my supreme pleasure and honor to serve the ever growing tribe of women finding their power and purpose.  Whether you are overcoming health challenges, personal blocks, or business plateaus, my goal is to facilitate your journey into life aligned with your gifts and serving your true purpose. 

If you aren’t sure where to go from here, please drop me a note. I’d love to hear from you and personally respond to say hi…

More about me….

My entrepreneurial journey grew out of my experience being diagnosed with Lyme disease and finding out I had passed it to my 3 children as well. After accruing $60K+ in medical bills (Lyme disease is not fully covered and alternative treatments we sought certainly weren’t), I had a major epiphany that healing was not an external process as much as a journey into seeing yourself in a new “whole” way (body, mind, spirit, passion, gratitude, etc). In that moment, I committed to not spend another dollar on “being sick” and instead only invest in wellness – and I started seeking avenues that were completely free or inexpensive.

My four businesses grew from there – combining almost 20 years of corporate + tech + non-profit + entrepreneurism to help people heal and thrive by providing hope, inspiration, and tools for transformation. In addition to creating community and offering programs, masterminds & retreats – I build apps for patient empowerment as well as personal transformation.

The anchor points for me are three main practices that not only help people see themselves “whole,” but also create the space for healing and transformation. (It’s a fun bonus that anyone can do them, from anwhere, on any budget) They are:

  • having a gratitude practice (I am in my fourth year – that’s over 1288 days and counting…)
  • tracking themselves (whether via art, journal, or app) – I recommend my life-wheel App, Shift 🙂
  • and “sit spot” which is basically nature + meditation (even if only from a chair on your patio!).

I think it is vitally important that we open to the power of our innate inner healing, purpose, passion and prosperity and I am honored to be included in the journey of so many.

I do hope you will join us. Let me know how I can be of service to you on your journey by clicking here.

In gratitude and more…

xo ~ Lindsay