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Who is Lindsay Pera

I am all about life transformation through deepening the connections to self, nature, and spirit – and I have spent the better part of the last decade exploring and implementing powerful tools, processes and personal routines that support the tranformational process. It is my supreme pleasure and honor to serve the ever growing tribe of women finding their power and purpose. Whether you are overcoming health challenges, personal blocks, or business plateaus, my goal is to facilitate your journey into a life aligned with your gifts and serving your true purpose.

About Lindsay

What are they saying?

Lindsay is such a beautiful soul. She’s abundantly generous and deeply intuitive. Her clarity of insight, her warmth and her wit – I could talk to her and say good things ABOUT her for days. She’s that rare kind of person that can meet people where they are and inspire them to go deeper. One of the many lovely things about Lindsay is her talent for creating beautiful, loving communities, bringing out the voices of others, and leading with grace. Even when you first meet Lindsay, you just want to curl up on a couch with her and drink tea and talk and laugh about life for hours. Deep wisdom and lots of love in there.
Carisa Montooth, Love Coach
Having the opportunity to be a guest on LIndsay’s show was amazing. She is really interested in getting people educated around gluten intolerance and food allergies. I am grateful for her support. I got to share my message and how I can help people in this area. Lindsay is generous in her time and supporting other people share their message.
Connie Curtis
Lindsay is an inspiration and such a great model of how we can live our lives in the light of love and service. Her Shift Interview series was a pleasure to be involved with, and being interviewed by Lindsay is fun and so easy as she is wonderfully supportive and a fabulous collaborator. She so very clearly deeply values her relationships with others, and cares about the impact she is having on our earth. I think she’s a blessing to us all.
Lottie Ryan, Who's That lady
Lindsay is a true gift to the chronic wellness world. She’s cultivated a platform which provides a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and soulfulness to assist those in need of healing on all levels of their being. Her authentic, mystical, and loving nature combined with her insight and wisdom is infused with every endeavor she generously shares. I’m honored and immensely grateful to be a part of that journey with her.
Jamie Rautenberg, The Daily Infusion
Lindsay and I had a wonderful conversation some months ago on the subject of health and the health of the skin, my specialty. I was in the middle of publishing a book on the fixed oils and the conversation centered on the subject of oils for both skin and body health. Lindsay is an able interviewer and keenly able to explore the broad subject of our health. She was able to lead the conversation towards the best information for the listener while showcasing my particular contribution. It was a great experience!
Susan Parker
Patty Blue Hayes, Soul Garden Healing
Lindsay is a point of light in the flowering of conscious, soulful entrepreneurialism. She brings to her work not only years of experience in the business world, but a mystic’s awareness of how to merge practical action with sacred awareness. With insights into spirituality, holistic wellness, women’s conscious service, parenting, sustainable living, and more, Lindsay is an expert who has much to offer us.
Chara Armon, Mutual Flourishing
Lindsay Pera is a magical phenomenon. She creates pathways between her deep understanding of nature, natural rhythms and laws, and the world of business. She weaves a new basket where entrepreneurial wisdom sits within natural wisdom – so that work, life and spirit all feed and inspire each other. I am happy to call her one of my teachers.
Claire Hayes